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Antinomian Heresy

Well, today’s rabbit trail was brought to you by the words: antinomian heresy.  In preparation for today’s discussion I was reading The Shield Bible Study Series: the Epistle to the Romans by Gleason L. Archer, Jr.  It was first published in  1959 by Baker House.  My copy is from the 6th printing in 1974.  On page 20 it said that Romans 3:7&8 deal with this erroneous view that, “sinners are to be excused because man’s failure only serves to bring out in clearer relief the unique perfection of God.”  And that dear sisters is the Antinomian heresy.  I read an interesting blog,  Now I am waiting for J.I. Packer’s book,  Concise Theology so I can read his chapter on antinomianism titled, “We are not set free to sin”.  I’ll let you know when it comes.  See you soon.