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Category : Reflection questions for book of Romans

Our Next time will be November 28

Reflection Questions for Chapter 4

1.  Was Abraham’s relationship with God dependent on Abraham’s work?


2.  What was Abraham’s faith based in?


3.  What about David, how was he counted?


4. What did David write about works?


5.When did Abraham receive Circumcision?  Before or after God counted him Righteous?  What does that mean for us?


6.  According to Paul, of whom was Abraham the father?   How did they obtain righteousness?


7.  What reason does Paul give for Jesus Death?   And what is the reason for Jesus resurrection?


These are for Monday November 14

We meet on the second and fourth Monday of the month

Chapter 3:  All have sinned, what now?

1.  What is the focus of 3:1-8

2.  Look at 3:10-18 and construct a table


verse:                         Concept                      Reference from Hebrew Scripture

v. 10                     no one is righteous             Psalm 14:3, 53:1-3

hint: see if there are notes in your Bible’s margins


3. What does it mean to fear God?


4.  If the Law doesn’t do it and Circumcision doesn’t do it how can we know we are right before God?


5.  Some definitions:  Here is a helpful site for Bible definitions

propitiation:  I found this article helpful: :






6.  What examples from the Hebrew scriptures can you give that show God is not just the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but that HE is God for all.

7.  How do you know if He is your God?