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  1. How does this chapter fit with Chapter 12 (remember, it was about being a living sacrifice) and chapter 13 (proper respect for authority and Love fulfills God’s requirements)?


2.  Paul warns that we are to accept a person who has weaker faith.  What is he telling to do?  Give an example of who that person might be and how we should behave.

3.  What are the two different disagreements Paul cites as examples of things that cause disunity?  Who is right?

4.  In this chapter why did Paul quote Isa 49:10, what point does he want us to understand?

5.  In addition to the above instruction, what is the recommendation for how we should seek to live with regard to other believers.

6. How are we to  determine kashrut (if something Kosher, is clean in God’s sight, or if it is defiled)?


7.  What is more important than what we eat or when we worship?


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