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Reflection questions for Romans  9


1. What is causing Paul sadness?


2.  How does Paul describe “his brethren”?


3.  What does it mean, “they are not all Israel who are of Israel”?


4.  Who are counted as children of God?   What is the “promise”?


5.  How does Paul account for God’s seeming favoritism in verse 13?


6.  Does Paul help you understand why God hardened Pharaoh’s heart?


7.  What  point is Paul explaining when he uses the illustration of the Potter and the Clay?


8.  What is the quotation from Hosea?


9.  How do Gentiles obtain righteousness?


10.  How do the Israelites obtain righteousness?


11.    What would happen if we as earthly parents gave our children free will in our homes?


There are not usually answers to these questions posted here, but some are concerned about their children and how God has given the Child the freedom to rebel.  We need to continue to keep our children in prayer.  God is not willing that any should perish, (II Peter 3:9) and yet he does give people the freedom of choice to say “no” to Him.  If everyone said “yes”, then there would be no choice.  Prayer changes hearts, praying for the ones we love can make a difference in their life choices.  We can’t be God to them, perhaps He will bring them to His Salvation after we have gone to be with Him in heaven.   Keep Praying!  Maybe pray that nothing we do as parents would contribute to our children’s rebellion, in addition to praying that they see a need for God in their lives, of course.



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