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Reflection questionsRomans 8:18-39

Reflection questions Romans 8:18- 39 March 12


1.How does Paul help us put our suffering into perspective?

v. 18 our suffering is not worthy to be compared with the glory that is being revealed in us.


2.  What is the Glory that is being revealed in us and when will it be revealed?




3.  Why is all of creation in pain?  What will stop that pain?



4.  Paul used the word “hope” in verses 20 and 24.  Given these two verses how    would you say Paul defines hope?


5.  What are some of your hopes for this lifetime?


6. How does the Holy Spirit help when we don’t know quiet how to pray?



7.  What is the qualifying statement in v. 28 for “all things work together for good”.  Or when don’t all things work together for good?



8.  What does predestined mean?


9.   Who are called and where are they called to, and who called them?


10.  He asked a question in  v. 35, what is the question and what is the answer?





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