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Chapter 6:


1.  Is it a good idea to sin so that we can have more of God’s grace?


2.  What is our relationship to sin now that we have Jesus’ life?   How does that statement help clarify what it means to be sanctified?


3.  Is our new life in Christ for heaven or for earth?


5. What verbs are used in verse this chapter to describe our responsibility in response to God’s work of sanctification?  (there are 4).


6.  How has your sanctification changed your character?  What are you working on?  When we go to prayer are you comfortable sharing this with the other ladies in your prayer circle?


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2 Responses to “Study Questions for January 23 on Romans Chapter 6”

  1. Joan Swift says:

    I just retired so plan to join you at OTC/LFBC Monday 1/23.
    Looking forward to it.

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